Discovering the Shared and Everlasting Future of Humans and Animals : Animals give limitless blessings to the hearts and bodies of us humans. Animal health has direct connections to our health and happiness.  ZENOAQ is trying to seek and find the future possibilities of animal health, and continue to make attempts so that human beings will have more wonderful relationships with animals than are now.

Whats's new and News Release

[ November 22,2016 ] No Impact on ZENOAQ's Business Despite the Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake on November 22

ZENOAQ announces that its business was not affected by the earthquake that took place this morning (November 22). We appreciate your concern and all the warm messages.

[ November 18,2016 ] Recipient of the Japan Quality Award

Press Release [Recipient of the Japan Quality Award] ZENOAQ.pdfZENOAQ has been awarded the fiscal year 2016 "Japanese management quality prize (Japan Quality Award)". This is the first time that this award has been awarded to a member of the Japanese veterinary pharmaceutical, livestock and pet industry.

Press Release [Recipient of the Japan Quality Award] ZENOAQ

Japan Quality Award

[ November 08,2016 ] Introduction of the Japanese Animal Health Market during the Animal Health Investment Asia in Hong Kong (2016)

It has been our pleasure to be invited as a guest speaker during the Animal Health Investment Asia in Hong Kong from 19 - 20 October 2016, where ZENOAQ's Executive Vice President, Mr. Toshikazu Fukui, introduced the animal health market in Japan. As one of the event sponsors, we are proud to have participated in this fruitful event which offered exciting networking opportunities and information exchange among foreign business counterparts, especially those from Asian countries. Kudos to the event organizer and our sincerest gratitude to all participants who were interested in ZENOAQ and the Japanese animal health market. Please feel free to contact us via our official company website for more details.

Mr Toshikazu Fukui addressing participants during the forum.jpg

[ July 01,2016 ] Join Zenoaq at Animal Health Investment ASIA

Zenoaq will join the inaugural Animal Health Investment ASIA to be held on the 19th and 20th of October in Hong Kong. This event presents opportunities for research, commercial and strategic partnerships in Asia and beyond. Zenoaq will also participate as an invited speaker on the animal health market in Japan.
We are glad to have this opportunity to meet with potential partners from Asia and around the world.

[ June 10,2016 ] Thank you for visiting ZENOAQ's booth at WCVD8 Bordeaux

ZENOAQ has successfully exhibited at WCVD8 Bordeaux in France from June 1 to June 4, 2016, promoting our ongoing global epidemiological survey on house dust mite (HDM)-induced canine atopic dermatitis (cAD). Our sincerest gratitude to all who have dropped by our booth and we look forward to sharing more information on ZENOAQ's latest developments with you in the near future.



Power of ZENOAQ

Creating and combining unique technology and skills to demonstrate corporate power.

ZENOAQ work on Core Competence Management and Management Quality Improvement Program to achieve our corporate philosophy, and we put efforts to create our originality or distinctive competency of research, product, and expansion power.


Enhance the brightness of animal and human's future

ZENOAQ have taken control consistently of developing, manufacturing, importing, and selling veterinary pharmaceutical products. There are 41 branch offices in Japan to direct selling system. Manufacturing Plant and Research and Development Facility are compliant with GMP and GLP standards. We are only-one-company possessing Central Research Laboratory and Experimental Farm in Japan.
Also, we have been developing strong relationship with both Japanese and foreign good-standing companies in a positive manner.


More than 400 kinds of items

Customers are able to choose from many selections as we have more than 400 kinds of product lineup, including in-house product and products from our business partner, for companion animal, production animal and reagent in laboratory use.


Implementation of CSR activities as a member of society.

ZENOAQ is aiming to not only become a good-standing company in the business field but also a good corporate citizen as an individual. We always feel gratitude to everyone concerned and practice CSR through our activities as a member of society with placing great value on compliance.


Animals In Japan is the only website that you are able to get up-to-date information on animal circumstances in Japan in English. ZENOAQ is providing a subject from all topics on animals every month, to whom currently happens, such as animal welfare, environmental issues, food problem, display animal, test animal, service animal, child education, activities of animal-affiliated, and Japanese sense of value etc.