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ZENOAQ’s Mission Statement

To promote the benefits that animals bring to human beings
To enrich the welfare of animals
To enhance the value of animals, and contribute to social well-being

ZENOAQ’s Six Core Values

Gratefulness and sincerity
Morality, ethics and compliance
Excellence in quality
Tolerance, respect and understanding

Animals bring both physical and emotional benefits to humans, from the nutritional sustenance they provide to the peace of mind they bring to our lives. It has been shown that the value in which animals bring to humans comes in many forms, from the abundant produce of livestock to the positive effects of animal therapy and companion animals for the elderly or the physically disabled. Additional work to further enhance and create the value of animals for the sake of humans is an everlasting subject.

As we explore the value of animals in various areas such as biotechnology, drug development, veterinary therapy and ecology, we are promoting an even better co-existence between humans and animals while contributing to social welfare.

In accordance with the spirit of this mission, we endeavor to protect the welfare of animals besides maintaining and improving their well-being and environment.

Greetings from the Company President

Arigatou Gozaimasu! *

Since its establishment in 1946, Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co., LTD. (ZENOAQ) has steadily progressed towards achieving its aim of contributing to all stakeholders within the animal health industry, regardless of whether it concerns the livestock industry or the pet industry, as a responsible manufacturer of veterinary medicines and animal health products. President: Toshikazu FukuiReflecting the growth and advancement of the animal health industry over the last 70 years, a higher level of specialization in the products and services provided is now expected within the industry.

However, even though times may change, our policy of providing customers and indeed animals with high value products and services remain unchanged. ZENOAQ has long satisfied our valued customers’ needs with a wide range of products, ranging from the long running “KOEN” series widely used in livestock farms, to the new generation innovative desensitization therapy product for canine atopic dermatitis “Allermmune HDM”.

As a result of recent strategic activities in the form of a number of collaborations with numerous business partners and research institutes, there is great anticipation for the introduction into the global market, of unique and original products developed through our first-in-class technology, as well as introduction of high value products from overseas into the domestic market. In future, ZENOAQ will strive to introduce innovative and creative technologies for the benefit not only for human beings, but also for animals beyond national borders, through enriching our organizational structure.

President: Toshikazu Fukui

President Toshikazu Fukui

* Arigatou Gozaimasu means “Thank you very much” in Japanese. This is the trademark greeting in ZENOAQ, a constant reminder of the importance of being grateful.